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Meet our members and see why they love the MOMS Club® of New London and Waterford:

Current President of the MOMS Club® of New London – Waterford
Stay at Home Mother

Children: Ages 3, 5 and 8

I joined moms club when we moved to Connecticut 4 years ago. It has been a place for me to make new friends and to share in the joys and the struggles of motherhood.

Membership VP
Children: Ages 2, 3 and 5

AVP (Community Service) + Chair Person, Social Media
Mother of Two Girls, One (4) I get to love on everyday, and One (2) I will long to see again one day.
Nurse/Stay at Home Mom/ Seasonal Tax Professional

What MOMS Club® Means To Me:
Mom’s connecting over coffee and snacks while our kids bond over swings, slides, and scraped knees.
Learning to share with others besides our siblings and laugh about the embarrassing moment you had in the grocery store last week.
Filling our “cups” with Friendship, Outings, and a Good Laugh.

Children: Ages 1 and 11

Children: Ages 1, 4 and 6

crystal CRYSTAL L.
Book Club + Hospitality
Children: Ages 2 and 6

MOMS Club® has been a way for me to make connections for myself and my kids after we moved to Connecticut from the West Coast. It has helped combat the loneliness that can sometimes come with being a stay at home mom. It has also been a great resource for information about what there is to do in the area.

cassandraCASSANDRA P.
Chair Person, Field Trips
Children: Ages 1, 3 and 4

Joining MOMS Club helped me to feel like I was not alone. Having a sisterhood with other woman in my own community makes me feel like I belong to a real tribe. We stand together, sharing our love and support for one another. Having this as well outside of my own family setting means the world to me.

cindyCINDY S.
Chair Person, MOM Night Outs
Child: Age 6

MOMS Club® is my social network with local moms, reliable resource for ever-changing childrearing needs, and outlet for my helping hands to volunteer in ways that benefit mothers & children in our community.

danielle DANIELLE M.
Newsletter Editor
Children: 4 & Newborn

Clinical Social Worker

Our family moved to CT two years ago. Working from home part-time, it was difficult to meet others and get involved in my new community. MOMS Club® has provided me with wonderful friendships, opportunities to explore new activities, and ways to give back to the community.

Stephanie D.
Chair Person, Toddler Play Group
Children: Ages 1

jen nicholas JENNIFER N.
Chair – Webmaster
Business Owner
Child: Age 3

I’ve loved being a member of the MOMS Club® for over 2 years. Not from the area, it was important to me to have support from other local moms. Playdates and resources such as pediatricians, schools and activities for my son, Carter is very important to me. Carter is expanding his social skills while having fun with his friends. I also look forward to spending time with the Moms on our Mom Night Outs. We love our MOM Club friends!

ginaGINA S.
Children: Ages 2 and 4

Stay at home mom.

MOMS Club® is a wonderful way to meet other moms in the local area. It is such an incredible group of moms and little ones. We joined this year and were welcomed with open arms. Great memories are being made and friendships formed. There is something special about this community of Moms.

Cheryl W.
Children: Ages 2 & 3

Paty R.
Children: Ages 4 & 6

Treasurer Volunteer & Freelance Photographer; Former Math Teacher
Children: Ages 3, 5 and 7

I have been a member of the MOMS Club® for six years– first in California and now in Connecticut. When I moved here in 2015, I immediately joined the local chapter so I could connect with other families and ask about schools, activities, doctors, and more. I received a warm welcome into the new group, and now these women have become close friends and confidantes. I have relied on this group for support many times, and I want to be a resource for new moms that are just joining us.

Children: Newborn

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