Are there different types of memberships?

Yes, there is a full membership and an associate membership. Our chapter does not offer associate memberships to new incoming members. This is reserved for members that are starting to “Grow Out” of the group. For example: A member was a stay at home mother but now that her children are in school she is going back to work full time or she is doing something else during that day that prevents her from attending daytime activities. The associate membership allows mothers to participate in Moms night, family events, holiday parties, and summer time activities. Associate members cannot host events nor do they have any voting rights.

Are MOMS Club® events typically held on the weekends?

According to our by-laws, the weekends are encouraged to be saved for family time although weekend events are not prohibited.  If the families of our club enjoy getting together, we can do so.  We just need to keep the needs of the whole family in mind and make it a positive experience for everyone.

Do you have to host a certain number of times to be active in the group per year?

No, you can host as little or as much as you want.

If this is a support group for the at home mother, could working moms join?

While this club was originally organized for the stay at home mother we realize that working moms need support as well and are allowed to join. We also have several members that now work full time now that their children are in school full time.

Can a grandmother or spouse take a child to an event, in the event a mom cannot come?

According to our By-Laws, our memberships are not transferable from a member to another person. For example, if a mother joins the chapter, but cannot come to activities for some reason, the mother cannot delegate her membership to a nanny, husband, or friend so that they can take her children to playgroups, etc. Although we know that children benefit from their mother’s membership by participating in playgroups, outings, and other activities, our memberships—and the chapters as a whole—are for the mothers, not the children. This is a club, not a service that we are providing for the community.

Can I have my dog or another animal out when I host an event for the MOMS Club® at my house?

All pets must be put away during any activities. This is for the safety of the children as well as the pet.

Can we have alcohol at evening events that we host?

According to our By-Laws, no alcohol should be consumed at any function if children are present.  No MOMS Club® functions should revolve around the use of alcohol. A chapter may arrange a dinner or other activity in which alcohol may be consumed as a peripheral part of the activity, but a chapter may not arrange an event where the purpose of the activity itself is to “go drinking.”  If any alcohol is allowed at a MOMS Club® activity, then a responsible member must be a designated driver who consumes NO alcohol at all, and no member who may be a hazard may be allowed to drive under any circumstances.

Is it ok to host the same event two months in a row?

Yes, you can host the same event two months in a row. If two people offer to host the same event during the same month then the person creating the calendar will notify both members and they will then decide on who will host that event.

Can a child bring a friend with a waiver filled out if they have a playmate from school come home with them?

According to the By-Laws, if a mother wishes to bring any child other than her own child to any MOMS Club® activity, she must have the following items, signed by the child’s parent, on file with the chapter before the child attends any MOMS Club® activities: (1) a permission statement allowing the MOMS Club® member to bring the child to MOMS Club® activities: (2) a liability waiver releasing the MOMS Club® (chapter, state, regional and international), its members, volunteers, employees, paid or unpaid representatives, and location providers from any liability or responsibility for the child: and (3) a medical release, authorizing emergency medical care, should it be necessary for any reason while  the child is at any MOMS Club® activity. This applies to any children who may be attending a MOMS Club® activity without their parent—including relatives, friends, daycare children cared for by a member, and any member’s children who are being brought to an activity by another member.

Could a mom bring a friend to a private playgroup if a friend wanted to join?

Potential members may attend two PUBLIC events before deciding to join.

If you have been in the same MOMS Club® for a long time and you move, can you still stay in the same club?

If a mother is currently a member in good standing and moves away to an area that does not have a MOMS Club® chapter then she can still remain a member in her current chapter but is encouraged to start a new chapter in her area with the help of her current chapter.  If the mother moves away and is no longer a member but would like to rejoin we would have to get approval from the regional coordinator. If there is a need for a MOMS Club® chapter in her area then her request may be denied.

Is my contact information on the Club Roster shared with anyone outside the MOMS Club®?

No, the Club Roster is for CLUB MEMBERS ONLY and should not be distributed to anyone or shared with anyone outside of the Club.

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